Commission status: Closed


Payment Method

Paypal (within invoice) or bank transfer for Malaysia
(please contact me for the MYR price list).
You can pay by installment and pay the rest during shading to 90% progression.Additional charges can be pay during those progressions too.

Commercial Use

For the commercial use, the price will 2x from the original price.

If there are art assets that don't have in the commission types that I offered, the price can be negotiated.

The list below is that considered and accepted to be commercial commission use.

  • From company (I will review first before I accept it or not.)

  • Original Music Video/Preview Video art

  • Game art assets

  • Promotional art

  • Merchandise art

  • Your Youtube / Twitch channel assets ( thumbnail and characters in the video).

  • Your Patreon page assets (the Tier assets)

  • Book cover (novel, visual novel, comic, children book, etc)

  • Illustrations for the book.

  • Live2D for commercial use (for the company only).

Can do

  • OC

  • Yourself

  • Anime/game/manga/etc. character.

  • Pair/couple.

20%-50% can do

  • Furries.

  • Mecha/armor.

  • Complicated stuff (eg: background, outfit, weapon).

  • Other real people (with their permission unless for surprise).

  • Little NSFW (eg: almost/half naked, blood and scars, some erotic figure).

Cannot do

  • text-description without any image references.

  • Absolute NSFW (eg: sex scene, fully naked, exposing private part, suicidal, controversial).

  • Do other styles than the styles I have offered.

Body size

Copyright & refund policy

  • The copyrights use for me (artist), hold every right to the produced drawing, not the commissioner.

  • The copyrights use for commissioner, use it for personal use only unless it's paid as commercial work commission.

  • It is a must to credit to the artist.

  • As for refund, There will be no refund once I started the paid commission unless I haven't make any progression for 6 months after paid or I unable to complete the commission.

Live2D model art notes

  • I only open 2 slots. I will open it again after the slots have been emptied.

  • You can choose either original design or based on the character reference that you have.

  • If you have the rigger that has put you in the their slot, please do tell me.

  • There will be a charge If your like to add more details after the model is completed.

  • If you like to resell /re-home your model please inform me.

Additional notes

  • There is no first come first serve and I have the right to decline your request even yours doesn't have a can't do list.

  • The artwork might take a long time at least A week to months due to other work, streaming and personal matters.

  • If you need it in a rush or need it before a specific time, please do tell me.

  • I will post the artwork publicly on my social media. If you don’t want it to be posted please do tell me except If I post on this commission site.


  • There will be a charge if there are too many revisions or major changes during the progression.

Waiting List Slots

  • The waiting list slots are limited for each month. Each Month will only have 1 or 2 slots.

  • You need to confirm which month you want to be in. If the slots are full I will put you on the available month, if you're okay with that.

  • If you don't have a deadline to tell me, I will randomly put it on any month slot.

  • The clients can stay on the waiting list until the end of the month that you chose. So please be sure to confirm and give the reference before that.

  • I will put you out of the waiting list if you haven't confirmed nor give the reference after that month.

  • If you want to be on the waiting list again after that, please do tell me.


  1. When you want to commission me, please copy-paste the form from the contact and fill in the details and send it via DM or email. I will accept and state the total price or decline if against the Can’t do list or I'm not confident with my skill for your request.

  2. I will do the initial sketch/sketch first before you start the payment. The sketches are limited to 4 sketch revisions.

  3. If you like to cancel your commission, please decide before you make payment.

  4. After the payment has been paid, I will do your commission and show the progression each as is shown below.

  5. Sketch (if need to) > lineart with color-based > rendering/shading > final product.

  6. Any big changes will be charged depending on the complications of the changes.

  7. After the product has been finalized, I will send the final product via email or Discord.

Commission type


1 emote |16USD
3 emotes|46USD
5 emotes|62USD

  • Come in 28x28 | 56x56 | 112x112 | 128x128 pixel sizes.

  • This is an experimental commission, so the style might be change.


Solo..| 46USDCouple| 54USD

  • Blank/transparent/simple background are free.

  • Additional Character | 42USD

  • Complicated details (character details, background, etc) will be charged starting from 10USD.

Style A

Headshot/Bust-Up | 68USD
Half-Body....... | 78USD
Full-Body....... | 86USD

  • Blank/transparent/simple background are free.

  • Additional Character | 62USD | 72USD | 80USD

  • Complicated details (character details, background, etc) will be charged starting from 20USD.

Style B

Headshot/Bust-Up | 82USD
Half-Body....... | 94USD
Full-Body....... |110USD

  • Blank/transparent/simple background are free.

  • Additional Character | 76USD | 88USD | 98USD

  • Complicated details (character details, background, etc) will be charged starting from 30USD.

Full Illustration

Full illustration starting at

  • The style can be A or B.

  • More to Character(s) and background and composition.

  • The body sizes are mixed especially for more than one character.

  • The price depends on the complexity, quantity of character, background and other elements.

Live2D Model Art

Half-Body....... | 260USD
Full-Body....... | 340USD

  • This is an illustration/ ready to rig only. I don't do rigging.

  • A complicated design might be charge higher than the based price.

  • The image/parts are separated layer in .psd file

  • For half-body, the full arms will be included.

  • Yandere, intense blush and 2 custom expression layers are included. The tongue is also included.

  • Complicated or/and additional details (expression, accessories, arm & hands, etc) will be charged starting from 10USD.

  • A simple Character sheet will be provided if you need it/has been altered majorly/ has been designed by me.

Example of character sheet:

Rigger that I know:


To Contact

Twitter | Email: [email protected] | Discord (Please contact my other contact for this one)

What to write

  • For: Personal use / Commercial use

  • Your Username/preferred call:

  • Type of Payment: Paypal / Bank Transfer (for Malaysian)

  • Email/Paypal email:

  • Type of commission:

  • The details: (of character, background, etc; must have image references especially for character)

  • Deadline: Yes, (state the date) / No.

  • Allow to stream commission work: Yes / No

  • Allow to post commission work on the public (except my commission site): Yes / No

  • (OPTIONAL) Any social media account for me to tag/mention you