Commission status: OPEN


Payment Method

  • Paypal with invoice provided by the artist (international)

  • Local Bank-in online transfer for Malaysian. (Please contact me for Malaysian price list)

  • VGen (Please make a request process through Vgen website.)

Client is allowed to pay a full-payment, but it is recommended to pay 10%-50% of the payment first especially for the large price after the sketch progression and pay the rest during the progressions and final look.Client is allowed to pay before progression starts, however, it is preferable to pay after sketch progression.Any Additional charges can be pay during the progressions/final look.

Can do

  • Your OC (Original Character)

  • Yourself

  • Anime/game/manga/etc. character

  • Pair/couple

  • Simple Background and props


  • Furries

  • Mecha/armor

  • Complicated stuff (eg: background, outfit, weapons)

  • Other person/people than yourself (with their permission unless for surprise)

  • Mild NSFW (eg: almost/half naked, blood and scars, some erotic figure/pose)

Cannot do

  • Text-description without any image references.

  • Absolute NSFW (eg: sex scene, fully naked, exposing private part, suicidal, controversial, incest, heavy gore).

  • To copy someone’s else style other than the style I use.

  • 100% realistic style

  • Anything that I’m not comfortable with.

  • 3D related, animation, and graphic design related

  • NFT and for AI use especially AI generator (such as Midjourney, Diffusion, DALL-E,etc;)

  • use to try to win a competition.

Character Body size

Commission Term of Service

  • All the price here are the based price and for personal use (except emotes). Please email me for commercial use.

  • There is no first come, first serve.

  • I, the artist, has the right to refuse the commission request even without needing the explanation of what the reason.

  • I, the artist, has the right to stop or cancel the client’s request / work on commission due to the poor communication, rude/inappropriate behavior, or any breach of these Terms of Service from the client's side.

  • However, both Artist and client will be discuss and would agree to stop or cancel the client’s work on commission due to the poor communication, rude/inappropriate behavior, or any breach of these Terms of Service from the both side.

  • I, the artist, has the right to post the commission work on social media and art purpose website for portfolio and for self-promo purpose unless otherwise discussed.

  • Client will not receive the fully produced artwork if the client not pay the rest of the payment at the end of the progression.

  • I, the artist, holds the right to the produced commission artwork, which means the client is not allowed to claim the commission work as their own artwork.

  • If client use the commission artwork as personal use, should be use for personal use only and shall not use for monetization, profit purpose or anything that has to do with commercial purpose, unless you want make the personal use into commercial use, should be discuss.

  • The client must provide the image references for their commission at least 2 references, otherwise, artist will refuse the commission request.

  • The client is not allowed to claim artwork as their own, remove watermarks, paint over/altering the finished commission artwork, or/and resell the finished commission artwork without artist permission or else the client will be in the blacklist.

  • Client may use or edit for:

  • Printing the commission work for personal use

  • Crop and/or resize the image for use as an avatar, header, video thumbnail, etc.

  • Use the artwork for the reference.

  • The client has to credit the artist if the clients want to share or post on the online platform unless if there's a reason to not to, should be discuss.

  • The clients cannot asking for refund after the commission work is fully produced.

  • The client is absolutely not allowed to use the commission work for NFT, AI work and competition.

  • Please do not use as commercial /claim as your artwork/repaint or alter/remove the watermark/resell the commissioned work if you are not the client of that commission artwork.

Refund policy

There is no refund once the commission has started even the commission work has been fully produced,
unless if the artist unable to finished it due to some reason, the artist will refund the money depends on the artwork progression.

Commercial commission purpose policy

  • For the commercial purpose, please contact me for the discussion. Contact by email is preferable.

  • The commercial price will be double price of the original price. (eg: 20 USD for original price, therefore, 40 USD for commercial price). The price can be negotiable as well.

  • If the clients want to change the commission art from the personal use to commercial use, the client have to pay double as well and should be discuss with the artist.

  • The clients and the artist must discuss thoroughly and carefully if there’s contract from the client, especially from the company/agent.

  • List of the commercial use so far:

  • Commission request from agency/company

  • Monetization

  • Profit purpose

  • Digital/Physical Merchandise

  • Live2D model

  • Original song illustration

  • Emote

  • Game project

Revision policy

  • There will be limited to 4-5 revisions during the progression .

  • Too many revisions than it should be will be charge depends on the complexity of the commission work.

Commission-in-rush policy

  • The commission usually take around 1 week - 3 months or so to be done.

  • However, Artist will do the commission work with the artist’s own pace due to other personal life and comic work, otherwise if the commission work has the deadline.

  • There will be an additional charge for commission-in-rush depends on the schedule and commission complexity.

Waiting Slot and Month Slots

  • The clients will be in the waiting slot if the artist interested on client’s commission request or you like to be in the waiting slot. The artist will inform you if your request are accepted.

  • After the discussion between the client and the artist, the client will be put into the month slots.

  • Each month slots usually available for 1- 4 slots.

  • The artist may put the client into the next month slot due tight schedule and if the both sides agreed to put next month slot.


  1. When you want to commission me, please fill the form on the contact section. You can also contact me for discussion and I will give the form to you.

  2. From there, I will decide if I accept your request or not.

  3. I will do the draft/sketch first before you start the payment. The sketches are limited to 4 revisions. More than revision given, the revision charge will be included in the payment later.

  4. After the draft/sketch has been finalized, I will state the total price.

  5. If you like to cancel your commission, please decide before you make a payment.

  6. After the payment has been paid, I will do your commission and show the progression each as is shown below.

  7. Sketch (if need to) > lineart with color-based > rendering/shading/final look > giving the final product.

  8. I usually shows the progressions after around 1-2 weeks.

  9. Client can look at the progression on the progression section (at the home section)

  10. Any big changes/ many revision will be charge depending on the complications of the changes.

  11. Please pay the rest of the payment and the additional charges (if have) during during the progression or final look.

  12. After the commission art has been fully finalized, I will send you the google drive link.


1 emote20 USD (standard)50USD (layered)
3 emotes55 USD (standard)145 USD (layered)
5 emotes90 USD (standard)240 USD (layered)
  • Commercial fee is already included in the emote price.

  • Come in Twitch, YouTube and Discord emote size.

  • Can be add more sizes if the you want specific sizes.

  • Layered version is emotes that the parts have been separated for rigging. Rigging is not included.

  • layered version canvas size could be large than 1:1 size based on the your request and will be provided the PSD files as well.


Solo85 USD
Couple160 USD
  • Blank/transparent/simple background are free.

  • Additional character : 70 USD

  • complicated details ( such as character design, background, asset etc) will be charge starting from 10USD

Simple Shade

Headshot/Bust-up52 USD
Half-Body62 USD
Full-Body82 USD
  • Blank/transparent/simple background are free.

  • Additional character : 46 USD | 56 USD | 76 USD

  • complicated details ( such as character design, background, asset etc) will be charge starting from 10USD

Detailed Shade


Style A

Style B

  • Blank/transparent/simple background are free.

  • Additional character : 90 USD |100 USD | 130 USD

  • complicated character detail will be charge starting from 10USD

Full Illustration

Full illustration starting at
200 USD

  • Can do with Style A or Style B.

  • Suitable use for: personal illustration, cover book, live2D illustration, music video illustration, streaming asset, etc;

  • This commission can do for mixes size body as well (eg: Character X is in bust-up size, Character Y is in half-body size)

  • This commission is use for illustration that has complicated background.

Others Type Commission

  • If you want to commission the type that has not offered above, please discuss with me.

  • Other Commission is such as assets, character design concept, B&W illustration, comic style panel art, etc.

  • The price will be vary and depends on the complexity of the commission request.

  • I cannot do any type of animation, 3D related and graphic design related.


By filling the form or/and to contact for discussion, you already read my ToS (Term of Service)

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